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Another Gardening Expert Joins Atzinger Gardens

This spring, we welcomed Theresa Ziolkowski to our staff at Atzinger Gardens. Theresa will be serving as a head gardener, leading a gardening crew and being available to consult on your gardening projects. Her vast experience and personal care will fit in perfectly with the specialized work we offer. Below, Theresa introduces herself.

I originally hail from Baltimore, MD, and

have been gardening since I was a wee tyke, spending countless hours testing plant arrangements in my parents’ yard and secretly

ordering bulbs without my father knowing. I began my official horticulture career with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Virginia Tech.

I have worked at several public gardens including Brookside Gardens outside of Washington, D.C., and Longwood Gardens in PA (which spoiled me for life). Post-college, I ventured through several posts, including a rare plant nursery and several seasons as a nursery inspector for the MD Department of Agriculture.

In recent years, after spending a chunk of my life tending a garden full of babies, where my inspector skills came in handy, I moved into volunteering at Matthaei Botanical Gardens in the perennial garden. I have also worked privately as a small scale garden designer and consultant. My travels have included visits to many well known gardens including Chanticleer, Wisley, Versailles, Kew, and others which have inspired my passion for bringing landscapes to life.

My favorite plants range from ornamental grasses to anything in the witch hazel family; from the big and gaudy to the modest and unassuming. I love being outside, especially when the seasons are changing. One of my favorite times of the year is winter, when I can observe the severe yet beautiful outlines of trees against the sky.

I take a particular pleasure in pruning, weeding, and shaping gardens into beautiful art. I am eager to help you realize your garden’s potential!


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