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Essential monthly plan for complete bed maintenance

  • Weed removal (sans herbicide upon request)

  • Proper Trimming of Trees and Shrubs

  • Bed edges maintained

  • Deadheading to encourage rebloom

  • Spring perennial cut down and post-winter garden cleanup

  • Fall cleanup & anti-desiccant spray to evergreens


1000 sq ft of bedding*



Feed your plants and soil

Take Easy Garden and add ​

  • Mulch applied each year (fine hardwood or your choice)

  • Compost blended into mulch to aid soil structure. 

  • Soil Test to determine soil composition, ph, nutrient and mineral levels.

  • Slow release fertilizer custom formulated to your garden

  • Liquid fertilizer spot treatments 

  • Organic fertilizer available upon request


1000 sq ft of bedding*



Annuals & arrangements styled to your home

Take Total Garden and add​

  • Annual flowers matched to your color scheme and style are planted thoughtfully through your gardens each May

  • Potting arrangements added to entrances and other strategic focal points. 

  • Tubers (such as canna lillies and dahlias) stored for winter and replanted in spring


1000 sq ft of bedding*

Meet with a head gardener -> get your custom quote -> start your program this week

* Pay only 9 months annually during the growing season March-November

  • Seasonal container arrangements (summer, fall, winter/Christmas potting arrangements)

  • Sprinkler maintenance, winterization, spring startup & additions 

  • Burlap deer protections for winter 

  • Garden pest management


request these at any time

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