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Ann Arbor's Official Unofficial Flower

Atzinger Gardens uses their expertise to help the Michigan gardeners across the state. We have been asked by the editor of Michigan Gardener magazine to contribute instructional articles on garden care topics ranging from plant care to pest management twice each year.

Last May, I used our experience to explain the careful, year-long attention that peony flowers require. We discussed fungus prevention, the importance of soil and drainage, and how to divide and transplant peonies.

I want to share this article with you now, in the dead of winter, to get you excited to see the fresh succulent peony canes emerge from the thawing soil. This will also help you to plan for peony care tasks that need to take place in early Spring. Fungicide applications, where necessary, should be done in spring. Also, transplanting can be done in early spring or fall.

I invite you to pick up each Michigan Gardener magazine for free at garden centers this upcoming year and look for our articles.

For easier viewing, open the pdf below.

Peony Care
Download PDF • 3.43MB


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