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Hot Off The Press - Boxwood Care in Early Spring

Tightly sheered boxwood hedges are excellent features in a stately garden (especially when juxtaposed against a bed of loose, flowing perennials), but repeated sheering causes the inside of boxwood to die from lack of light and air. The solution - Prune your boxwoods annually in early spring for thick, healthy boxwoods.

Read our article in this month's edition of Michigan Gardener below, or if the print is too small on your screen, you can find it here - our article is on the back cover.

If you're a monthly landscape maintenance client of Atzinger Gardens, you already get proper pruning and trimming of boxwood and other shrubs. Our knowledgeable gardeners know when to prune for optimum bloom, size, and health. Consider having us swing by for a spring cleanup and pruning! Sign up here

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