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Atzinger Gardens is a dedicated crew of horticulturists who create and tend private gardens around the Ann Arbor area. Most of us tend our own gardens and enjoy this work both as a profession and a hobby. Our business finds success by providing care - with Atzinger Gardens, customers are listened to, expectations are met, problems are fixed. We provide care through a gardening process that is thoughtful, detailed, efficient and reliable. In the end, customers appreciate their plants and outdoor spaces.

Job Description

Develop a love of plants and an appreciation of garden design. Devote yourself to your client’s enjoyment of their gardens through careful weeding, proper trimming, mulching, planting/transplanting, and other garden care and garden installation work. You will find interest and derive joy through a sense of accomplishment in completing these tasks every day. Must be able to differentiate plant and weed characteristics and be open to learning plant names and horticulture. Alacrity, honesty, timeliness and communication skill must also be shown.

Job Responsibilities

  • Receive guidance from the crew leader and carry out instructions

  • Carefully weed, properly prune, mulch, plant/transplant, and other garden care.

  • Conduct garden installation labor - demolition, weed and brush removal, layout, planting, soil amendments, hardscape construction, mulching, etc.

  • Organize and care for tools, equipment and supplies

  • Plan efficient deliveries, pick out plants and materials, communicate with suppliers

  • Maintain a clean, respectful work environment for crew and homeowner

  • Load and unload vehicles in the morning and afternoon as directed by crew leader

  • Organize the shop, its supplies, tools, and materials

  • Contribute to a positive, energetic team

  • Arrive punctually, track hours

  • Communicate needs and ideas between client and Garden Crew Leader. Effectively communicate with customer about our work

  • Use power tools, work on knees, lift 50+ lbs, and do physical labor for a full day/wk/season

  • Differentiate plant and weed characteristics

  • Show interest and aptitude in learning to identify plants, soil types, weeds, and pests and to match them to maintenance requirements

  • Notify crew leader of schedule at least 1 week in advance for planning purposes

  • Performs other duties as assigned

Job Requirements

  • Experience in gardening is preferred.

  • Training will be provided to entry level applicants with an expectation to learn horticulture as you work.

Job location - Superior Township, MI (Near Ann Arbor)

Opportunities for advancement (Shop Manager, Garden Crew Leader, Landscape Install Foreman)

Full-time (Monday-Friday and some Saturdays 8:30-approx 5:30)

Part Time (Flexible hours - schedule must be given one week in advance for planning)

Additional Training/Certification opportunities available

Background check, clean driving record, and drug test required

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