How your plan

Full Designs

You'll have what you need to install your own garden

(Installation available)


takes shape



Design Stage

Full Designs

Within two weeks, receive your

working garden design. Review the plan and schedule a phone call with your designer. We'll start finalizing your plan this way.

Schedule up to 3 more design consultations by phone. More options are available, including a trip to the nursery, in-person design staging, and complete installation of your plan. 

Meet Your Designer

Contact us to discuss thoughts about your plan and the scope of your work - options include Concept Sketch, Full Design, or Design & Installation.

We'll schedule an in-person design appointment to meet at your property. This appointment allows us to see your garden, discus more ideas, make important measurements, and take photos. Photos are then turned into concept sketches.

Tree Planting Diagram
Perennial Planting Diagram

Planting Instruction

Diagrams and Details

to get you Started


Plant List
Plant List

and material list with plants available at your favorite local nursery or supplier 

Plymouth Michigan Garden Sketch
Ann Arbor Garden Design
Saline Garden Design

Final Design

Durable Waterproof Diagram and an Electronic Copy 

Consult with us

Within two weeks, you'll receive your custom Concept Sketch(es) in your email inbox. Sketches are hand-produced images that hint at what your garden could look like. 

When you receive your sketches, your designer will contact you again to discuss any modifications, changes or new ideas to the design. 


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