Concept Sketch

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Fourth & Walnut

Consultation & Have a concept sketch of your new garden made


Full Design

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Concept Sketch(es)

Face-to-face Meeting&Consult

3 Follow-up Consultations

Waterproof Final Design&Guide


Design & Planting

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Everything in a Full Design plus...

A Final Visit to Your Garden for

layout or complete installation by gardeners led by a horticulturist


All designs $55/hr

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Install your own garden plan 

or have F&W install it for you

sample finished designs & sketches



Your designer tweaks your design to your liking. Once satisfied, waterproof designs are sent to you - or we'll start planting!


Review your sketches, consult with your designer about changes, and get your first design.


Meet us to exchange ideas, and get us started on your custom concept sketches

more on the design process






Lake II


Have us install your plan

Designs are produced so that you can install your own garden. If you'd like to forego the physical labor, we can install for you.

Ask us to turn your plan into an estimate!

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