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Maintaining a garden

is unlike any other art in that your medium is constantly changing. Plant-focused gardening requires the virtue of art, vast knowledge, and a keen eye to create a desired effect that might not be seen until months later. 




We test your soil and provide only what is needed for spring startup and regular liquid applications 

Design Installation

Have your F&W garden plan or landscape design expertly installed

Plant Care

Dividing, transplanting, pest and disease identification,

horticultural care


We identify and use the proper method of weed removal to get control of your weeds 

Leaf Management

Fall/Spring removal OR we prefer to return nutrients and moisture to your garden by mulching your leaves into leafmold


We choose annuals that accentuate your garden's design. 

Proper Trimming

When? How much? What do you remove? Each plant is different. We get the desired effect. 

Arranged Containers

Have Ruth arrange stunning pots filled with annuals, perennials, bulbs for spring, summer, fall, and winter. 


Annually in the spring or anytime. Helps soil keep moisture in and weeds out.

Don't see what you need?

Ask if we can do the work you have in mind or ask for a trustworthy recommendation!

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Regular monthly or seasonal gardening plans and one-time visits are all available.


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