On no particular day, a hermit who would otherwise have subsisted in quiet and solitude found himself  in the bustling intersection of a city - Fourth and Walnut. Entering at once into a scene of vivacious life, he suddenly woke from a "dream of separateness," and was overwhelmed by the oneness that all people and all life share in the simple fact that we all are - that we all rely on a receptive being held in existence from moment to moment. 

For me, the people and plants I've worked among in gardens have been a kind of Fourth & Walnut. It's an overwhelming joy to share what a garden can be to new friends. I hope to help you have and keep a garden where you too can simply be!

BS in horticulture from Michigan State

16 Years professional experience Frederik Meijer Gardens - Grand Rapids, MI

Gaylord Opryland - Nashville, TN

-Ruth Atzinger

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